Not unhappiness?

I turned on the radio on Friday (remember those things) and the DJ started to introduce a song. I have heard this song many times before, and yes, while listening to it again, I agreed with what was being sung.

“I won’t be a fool, a fool for love, ‘Cause I know I’d rather be alone than be unhappy.” from I’d Rather Be Alone by Karyn White

How many people are in relationships and are very unhappy? How many stay because they think that they are in love, but instead of bliss, they get sadness and pain.

Let us not be naive, all relationships will have problems and issues, some are workable, others are not.

So if it does not feel right, if it is a continual flow of misery, then stay or go?



5 responses to “Not unhappiness?

  1. I walk away from such relationships without regret. My policy is give every thing you have (wisely) and then if it doesnot works, bid goodbye without much resentment. its good to walk away before resentment/hatred creeps in.

  2. It’s not only good to walk away before resentment or hatred, but before a desire to love again becomes a desire to never love again. Some have been so scarred that they’ve put a lock on their hearts. 😦

  3. you completed my words, that is you said what i slipped. i share this point too, sometimes people get so scarred that they shun the feeling itself.

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