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[Kauser Franz Joseph und Elisabeth Wiener Porzelan]

Using verbal speech is not the only way that some people in love communicate with each other; the point is, and the importance is, that they do.

How else would they keep their love alive if they kept themselves in solitude?

People notice, and sometimes they want what they are seeing in others.

“Somehow he felt unable to be indignant or protest, although some sort of joke had certainly been played upon him. There was nothing remote or mysterious here–only something private. The only secret was the ancient communication between two people. But the memory of the woman’s waiting silently by the cold hearth, of the man’s stubborn journey a mile away to get fire, and how they finally brought out their food and drink and filled the room proudly with all they had to show, was suddenly too clear and too enormous within him for response . . . .” from Death of a Traveling Salesman by Eudora Welty

Can love survive and thrive without communication?