Monthly Archives: January 2011

A man from the past

One of the most popular New Year’s Day resolution that’s made is the hope of  finding that special someone. The thought of being alone is not only scary and lonely but heartbreaking.

Which brings me to this question:- What kind of love interests do some people look for, or should look for? One that is available? Mr. Right? Or a man from the past? The whole point of writing this is because of the last one.

Pride and Prejudice is one of my favorite novels, and Mr. Darcy, one of my favorite characters. I do not believe that Jane Austen made him up out of thin air; somewhere he must have existed, and I guess some are saying if only he exists today.

Mr. Darcy’s ideal, well my kind of ideal. Take away his money and he will still be an interesting character. A gentleman with his flaws of snobbery and pride. But he was reformed. Love did it. 🙂

Now to the men who portrayed him. Colin Firth did an excellent job, Matthew Macfadyen, not so much. Firth was more believable; he got who the owner of Pemberley was. Macfadyen was flat; although, the version he starred in showed more emotions.

So do the men of today stack up against the men of the past? Should there even be a comparison?