Take the backseat

I love watching old movies, and last month I watched a movie with Bob Hope called My Favorite Burnette. He played a photographer wanting to be a detective, and when the chance came to “be” one, he took it, carrying his fear along with him.

But sometimes that is just it, courage does not mean the absence of fear, it means that fear takes a backseat in what we know needs to be done.

And about that movie, it was a laugh riot. 🙂

for the month of february, PLEASE GIVE A DIME. Or ten cents, or an equivalent. For each day, set this amount aside for the whole month, 28 days, and at the end of the month, donate it to a children’s charity. A small big difference. Pass the word along if you please. 🙂



5 responses to “Take the backseat

  1. this is a really noble idea. saving a little bit for a good purpose.

    sometimes we should do things that are very much needed, even if they are against our nature.

  2. When our backs are against a wall, we find out who we are. We either break under the pressure or we challenge it.

  3. Very true. I believe in changes as long as the prices are not impossible.

  4. I like old movies as well. Haven’t watched those movies, I’ll probably will check it out.

    Through fear that courage can be seen.

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