Bite your tongue

Scenario. Wife asks husband, “Does this make me look fat?” or “Am I fat?”

Husband replies, “No dear.” or “Anything you wear makes you look beautiful.”

He is lying, and perhaps she knows that but does not correct him. Why?

Do we have a diplomatic attitude sometimes when dealing with people, you know when to say the right things and how to say them? Also when to withhold the truth, in other words, when to lie.

Which would you prefer, people giving it to you straight, that is, not lying, or biting their tongues, that is, not saying what they want and perhaps need to say?

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8 responses to “Bite your tongue

  1. oh I lie day in and day out when i want to spare someone’s sensitive feelings, that is, feelings which can easily be left without hurting. Like the situation you said, why will i tell her that she looks fat in that, i will only tell her if she will look like a cartoon- then too i will tell it in a way that will hurt her least.

  2. Or go really diplomatic and ask what does it mean to be fat? There are different meanings to it.

    Tell me the truth, but please, let there be no deceptive motive as to why you’re telling me it. I prefer to be a straight shooter, but yes, sometimes I leave some things out.

    • I believe that there is no harm in not letting a person know about his/her flaws unless they are dangerous- like smoking, drugs; and fatness is not even a flaw.

      if she truly wants an opinion then i will do what you said, apply diplomacy and blunt the razor.

      • They aren’t flaws but bad health choices, and yes, letting them know that isn’t a bad thing. Just don’t walk around with a sharp tongue, that’ll be annoying and a turn off.

  3. Wife doesn’t correct husband because she wants to believe that she’s really not fat and unattractive in what she’s wearing. She’d rather believe his empty flattery.

    You certainly can be diplomatic and tell someone the truth in a gentle, caring way. I would prefer someone to be honest with me when it’s an important issue we’re dealing with–and even if something I’m wearing is not flattering. I want the truth even if it stings a little. 🙂

    I don’t place much importance on lying to spare someone’s feelings on a minor topic. It’s the intention behind the lie that is important.

  4. I tell the truth to people as much as possible, if i cant i tend to keep my mouth shut.
    Some people aren’t capable of being criticised, i’m a bit like that sometimes.
    But listen closely enough you can always decipher the truth in someones answer

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