Second chances?

A man beats the woman he loves; a woman beats the man she loves.

A man cheats on the woman he loves; a woman cheats on the man she loves.

A man betrays the woman he loves; a woman betrays the man she loves.

But instead of ending the relationship, they continue to stay. Why? Because they are in love with the person that beat, cheated, and betrayed them.

Is this a kind of love that is hard to understand; a love where in spite of what happened, happens, or happening, there is always a second chance in the mix?

Old With A Smile. For the next 31 days in March, greet an old person with a smile. Stop and chat with them if you want. Pass by and say hello. A few seconds can mean so much to some of them. :)


14 responses to “Second chances?

  1. i believe in only one thing- when you love a person and you think that he/she too loves you you should follow your own heart and you may ignore the world, i believe in the end you will think that you did the right thing. Even if that love fails.

  2. Some see it as blind love because I guess they themselves will find it hard to stay with someone who does these things. Perhaps it’s a level of love that they look at, if you love then your actions should show it.

    But even if a person does these things, who’s to say that they don’t love the person? Maybe they do, but yet again, they may not. We see love as not causing pain I guess, and we base our definitions of what love is on different factors.

  3. as its a very intimate relationship of two persons they should hear the suggestions of others but should ALWAYS decide themselves.

    after all, its very tough for a third party to understand what goes on behind closed bedroom doors, right?

    having a prolonged weekend? have fun!

  4. I would not call this love. You can’t beat someone and treat them with disrespect and violence and then call this love. This is giving real love a very bad “smudge” on its reputation!

    People stay together through these scenarios because of all kinds of reasons, none of them healthy and not because they “love” each other. Co-dependence, afraid of being alone, they thrive on drama, etc….

    • I’m always curious to hear others definition of what love is.

      I agree with what you wrote, but I personally know of incidents where some people have stayed because according to them, they love the person, others like you suggested stayed because of the reasons you gave.

  5. Nobody can use violence against someone they truly love.
    Unless of course it’s a sado-massachism thing.
    It is though very unlikely you’d be able spot such couples
    It’s more likely the fear of being alone or more specifically feeling alone (because in many cases they are not actually alone)
    I can attest to the wonderful freedom of independance, it is nothing to be fearful of. Personally i embrace it.

  6. KNOCK!!!!!!

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