Time away

When you take time away from a particular person, place, or situation, sometimes you realize how much you miss them.

I’ve got two projects going on, I’m very, very tired, and WordPress had been acting up. They were hacked. Still don’t know if the problem is resolved. I notice something since last week that it was slow, had to retype in comments, couldn’t access blogs, and couldn’t post when I came on earlier this week. Oh the joys of the internet. 🙂

But you guys are well I hope. I appreciate what’s written in my regular readers blogs. Inspiration and motivation come from anywhere, and from you guys, definitely. 🙂

Not getting rid of me that easily. What’s with the, “Aw man.” 😆

8 responses to “Time away

  1. You’re back! I hope everything’s alright.

  2. so that was the reason, i too used to have these problems with my last pc, i hope you have a very good antivirus in your computer.

    my blogspot blogs act fishy, thats why i am totally off from them these days, dont miss them either because i dont have any readers there.

    get your computer checked for malware, spyware etc too.

    • It wasn’t my computer but WordPress itself. They got hacked.

      Oh the pitfalls of being on the net. You get trolls, hacked, and the like, that’s the downside. You also get to move and view information at a fast pace, meet and communicate with people all around the globe.

  3. When someone we’re used to seeing “disappears” all kinds of things rush through our minds. Are they sick? Did they get in an accident? Is their computer going haywire? Etc., etc.

    Happy to know you are OK–relatively speaking–and hope that you’re computer problems will be rectified soon. Sorry to hear of this trouble.

  4. Oh wow! An attack from China–creepy!

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