Daily Archives: March 29, 2011

Length of Anger

I remember sitting down listening to a speaker a few years ago, and out of all that he spoke about, there was one thing I remember. He said, “The only person that can make you angry is yourself.”

As I sat there I thought that this man was crazy and yada, yada, yada. Fast forward years later and I am believing that he was right. We become angry because we choose to.

There are things to get angry about, and then, things not to get angry about. I guess what things will depend on the person.

And what also depend on us is how long we will stay mad. It seems that the longer we are angry at someone, the easier it is to stay that way.

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Old With A Smile. For the next 31 days in March, greet an old person with a smile. Stop and chat with them if you want. Pass by and say hello. A few seconds can mean so much to some of them. :)

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