Who is he?

There are many references that some people make concerning God. The Native Americans called him The Great Spirit while others refer to him as the man upstairs. Still others label him as something of the imagination.

But who is he? How do we define who he is? Will we describe him base on what is going on in the world, our lives? If all is good, then he is good, but if things are going bad, then he is uncaring?

There are 30 days in April, everyday try to Encourage someone in person or on the internet.


14 responses to “Who is he?

  1. i dare not to dig too deep in this field, who am i to judge or do research on God!

    simple, absolute faith is enough for me, and i accept those who dont have that faith with the same respect that i have for faithfuls.

  2. have a lovely weekend!

  3. when days are good, I feel that “rush”, that “high”. but during darker days, I feel that ” heavy”. it’s a spectrum that beats us from highs to lows and yet, somehow, I ask where’s it all from? there’s so much beauty in rocking. no wonder kids love the swing.

    i am a sinner. i am self-righteous. i am impatient. He is pure love. My Savior, our Saviour and loving friend.

    will climb mountains, again. thanks for this post, GG. you stimulate me to think and reflect on HIm. May you be blest!

  4. Perhaps our feelings or what’s going on at the moment helps to generate our description(s) of who God is.

    You’re welcome. 🙂

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