With the heart or mind?

If hatred is taught, do we then hate with our minds because it is a learned process?

Or even though being taught and not grasping what is being said,  hate is present, then does it become something that we do with our hearts?

Why do we hate? There are a lot of things that we can, but I am referring to relationships between people, us as human beings?

There are 30 days in April, everyday try to Encourage someone in person or on the internet.


12 responses to “With the heart or mind?

  1. i am awed by the intensity of hatred in the world. why can’t we love each other? why should there be chaos, racism, and conflict when there’s so much love and beauty to give and behold?

    • Good question. Trying to find the answers will lead to more questions, and then, perhaps, being bogged down because we can’t find the answers to the even more questions added. But then God steps in, and yeah, as humans, we still continue to search.

      I’ve asked this over and over, he has all the answers and all that I need, but yet . . .

      odi et amo – I hate and I love. What about dislike, a lesser degree than hatred? Are there reasons and excuses to do either?

  2. I think that having something to hate generally makes us feel better in our ownlived

  3. i believe it all depends on the amount of passion present in a person. the more passionate he/she is the more passions are present in him- love, hate, anger…

    • But is dislike or hatred taught, and if so, does a person do it with the mind?

      • no i think it seeps into their heart directly and when their mind starts to work the veil is removed. what do you feel?

      • Maybe. Hatred can be done under pretense as well. Like some people pretending to love someone but that not being the case. It’s not in their hearts but minds. I guess it wouldn’t sound right if we go around saying to other people that we love them with all of our minds.

      • yes. sometimes i too pretend it. when i just dont want a person to force his/her company on me and he/she refuses to ignore repeated subtle snubbing i pretend i utterly despise his/her face- it mostly works but not always. some people are …..

  4. Some people are persistent.

  5. I know, some people can work your nerves that way. 🙄

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