Monthly Archives: May 2011

Coming out

Does how you really feel about another person come out during an argument, when you’re angry and frustrated at something minute that they have done?

I remember growing up, and whenever my neighbors argued, the way they felt, what they wanted to say, came out in angry tones and spit-filled emotions. They were real.

Reminds me sometimes of a drunk who lets out how he/she feels, the thing, good or bad, that has been on his/her chest for so long that they were afraid to say, is being said.

What does it take to tell someone how you really feel about them?

Staying alive?

Last week one committed suicide, and found out yesterday that another? Why do some people kill themselves when their hearts are broken?

Love, even though it causes heartache sometimes, should be about living. It should not be about a person taking his/her own life. Gosh this irks me.

The same?

From the day you started to blog up to now, are you the same person? Have you learned, experienced, grown, or think differently?

I’ve read a lot of blogs, some I remember and others I forgot about. Some where people wrote about break-ups, wanting to accomplish this or that, looking for something, trying to overcome something in their lives, wanting to express themselves the way they can because of fear of doing it in person, etc.

There were and are so many reasons. From your first blog, the one you started of with, have you changed? Do you remember what your first post was?


We’ve been experiencing a drought for awhile now, but on Wednesday it rained. Thank God my prayers were answered. 🙂

Sometimes we pray or things happened that we never expected, yes, even though we asked. Our faith sometimes is base on seeing. Perhaps we need to redefine what faith means.

Everyone have a nice weekend. 🙂

The big C

What does Compassion look like and should we show it to anyone no matter who they might be?