The same?

From the day you started to blog up to now, are you the same person? Have you learned, experienced, grown, or think differently?

I’ve read a lot of blogs, some I remember and others I forgot about. Some where people wrote about break-ups, wanting to accomplish this or that, looking for something, trying to overcome something in their lives, wanting to express themselves the way they can because of fear of doing it in person, etc.

There were and are so many reasons. From your first blog, the one you started of with, have you changed? Do you remember what your first post was?


5 responses to “The same?

  1. Hi Apollorose, you always pose such interesting questions. And I was thinking about this one for a day or two. And I do believe I have changed since I began blogging. One big change is with my mood. Before I started writing publicly–I was feeling more isolated and focused more on personal challenges and now I have made some nice friends and joined in some interesting groups. It has helped me feel much better physically and emotionally. Also, I do remember my first poem that I posted and it was along the lines of the ones that I post now. It was about my growth as a spiritual being and my acceptance of the pace of that growth. I also posted a couple of stories (true life) just sharing a bit of who I am.

    What about you? Would you like to share your answer to that question?

    Gayle 🙂

  2. Someone once called me free-spirited and that’s where the inspiration for this entry came from. I wanted to know if I had changed, did circumstances mold me into something that I didn’t want to be.

    There’s a quote that I have up in my room that says, “My life is an open book, but don’t expect me to read it to you.” David Hyde Pearce

    Since I started blogging, I’ve went against that to some extent by writing down some of the things that have happened in my life. The reason for me blogging was to encourage people, which I love doing, I did that, and in the process became more aware of who I was and what I lack.

    I’m an extremely private person, but I’ve found myself divulging things that I wouldn’t normally do. Always been strong-willed and determine, but my faith in God wasn’t where it supposed to be; it now is and has been growing. I’ve been through a lot in my life, things that crushed my spirit to a point where I literally wanted to screamed, where I questioned humanity.

    I’m happy, life with all its meshing of good and bad is beautiful. 🙂

    You and other bloggers have me thinking, experiencing, molding, taking away, adding to . . .

    Yes, still a free-spirit.

  3. As I learn more about people’s experiences in life, I realize that many have gone through some spirit challenging ordeals where they wanted to scream and question humanity. I’ve been there too.

    As I’ve shared some of myself through blogging, I realize that perhaps someone reading it may see something they can relate to and feel that they are not alone in their experiences. I don’t feel as “private” as I once did and feel pretty free to share a lot about myself.

    I do love the idea of someone being a free-spirit. It has such an independent and happy-go-lucky sound to it.

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  4. i have changed a lot, for better.

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