Waiting hopefully?

I was reading something when the name Kelsey Grammar, popped up. That name led me to think of something else. By the way, he is an actor, and the show that introduced me to him was Frasier.

But this is not about him, this is about two characters, Niles and Daphne, played by David Hyde Pearce and Jane Leeves, on the above mentioned show. See, Niles was in love with Daphne for seven years. He waited, he hoped, he yearned. I waited, I hoped, I yearned, that yes, she would finally find out that he was in love with her. She did. Oh what a moment that was. Finally, through joys, pain, missed chances, heartbreaks, foolish decisions, tears, they finally got together.

Would you wait on one person for that long to notice you? Would you wait for that long for the one that captured your heart to finally say that they were in love with you too?


4 responses to “Waiting hopefully?

  1. i will rather clearly express my feelings and then take the decision best for me.

  2. Some are straightforward, others are not.

    Seven years is a very long time to love someone from a distance, but at the end of it, he still loved her. How many would have moved on?

  3. not only that one has to be practical too. if one doesnot shares his feeling how will the other one know for sure?

    a lot of bees flitter around a flower, thats not love.

    • I agree. There are many reasons why some don’t admit their feelings to the ones that they should. Biggest fear I guess is rejection.

      Does it mean that they see themselves as men/women to be rejected?

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