Mr. Thornton finds happiness

We all have a desire to be happy, but what does it take for us to be just that? Here was a man when he was a boy whose father committed suicide because of all the debts he had accumulated. He left school to take care of his mother, sister and to repay those debts. Mr. Thornton endured a lot of things, and that shaped him.

“He looks like a person who would enjoy battling with every adverse thing he could meet with – enemies, winds or circumstances.” Margaret views on who he was, from chapter 9, Dressing For Tea, North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell. How much, if any, does our environment shape us? What part does it play in how we see the world, our thoughts?

He had a lot of responsibilities. He took charge. He had a hardness about him. He was softened. Perhaps a woman’s love can do that, sometimes. This book is one of my favorites, but I must admit that when I first saw the adaptation with Richard Armitage, I was disappointed. It was not the book I had read. Setting that fact aside, I watched it again, labeling it Northish and Southish. I enjoyed it.

He lost everything, but in the end found them again, including happiness. Hmm, lesson in life there. 🙂

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