Something other than “human”?

You know when you have a conversation with someone and he/she says something that makes you go hmm? Or you read something and it makes you wonder what impressions are the words written about certain people trying to achieve? Have you ever gotten those feelings?

Are they something other than humans, you know, celebrities? Well not all, but yeah, some of them. You listen to some people talk about their favorite “stars” and you notice the gleams in their eyes; the awe that permeates from them when they mention certain things about them, and you have to wonder are they talking about people just like us. You know, the same set of beings created by God?

It does not help either when certain celebrities think that they are more important in what some call the average Joe. Entitlement should never be a part of their persona. No, never a good thing. What am I going to do with myself? I am only human and they are . . .  Just musing. 🙂


2 responses to “Something other than “human”?

  1. i think its our love for them that glows in our words and makes them special. 🙂

    of course they have charisma but its our love that adds that extra glow.

  2. Special but not “high and mighty”.

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