The Alternative

When we protest against something, is it based on emotions or legitimize facts? And in our protest(s), are there any viable, sensible solutions or alternatives to, if not fixing the problem(s), to at least making things better and not worse?

How much do our emotions play in trying to create change?

2 responses to “The Alternative

  1. i am mostly guided by emotions, passions but when protesting/speaking out i prefer it to be honest. either fact-based or clear admission that it is hunch based.

    happy new year! i thought you have left for Mars but then i noted your comment posted on 24/12, actually i have been a bit lazy in checking comments these days.

    glad to see you, have you back. you are a very special friend, i hope you know that.

    • Emotional protest(s) can sometime(s) lead to untruths.and actions that do not help.

      Got the mood to start blogging again.

      Thought you vacated conversation so I began to not leave responses. Mars is definitely too hot. 🙂 And glad to know that I’m special. 🙂

      I enjoy our and miss our discussions.

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