It is a man’s fault

Please pardon him for not being a mind reader; afterall, he must not know exactly what you are thinking all the time.

Please forgive him for doing things in his way that reaches the same results as if you had done them yourself.

Please do not chew his head off for not having a perfect memory, maybe like you, he forgets sometimes.

Please no kicking to the curb if he does not repeat that he loves you 24 hours a day or show it with his every waking moments. I am guessing here, but maybe like you he has other things to fill some of those hours.

Please turn the emasculating machine off, just maybe he wants to be a man.

How to destroy a relationship with the guy you are in love with? Blame him for not fitting in the box, mold, fantasy or whatever that you have envisioned. Afterall, it must be his fault that things are not working out.



2 responses to “It is a man’s fault

  1. men and women belong to two planets, absolutely different in climate, thats why they clash so much. 🙂

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