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Not I, but you?

How do you stop someone from doing harm to his/her self?

In the check-out line the other day and what did I see on the cover of a magazine? These words, “She could have been saved?”

No, I did not pick up or read the magazine; nor will I mention the name of it, but what I did was start to think how? And then that led me to think about blame. If some people are doing stuff that can lead to deadly consequences and we try to help them out, we try to prevent that but fail, who should take responsibility?

We eventually make our choices even if we are swayed by others; even if we are under the threat of harm, right?

Is Love a Preference?

Who and what dictates who you fall in love with?

I have heard comments such as:- “Why she’s dating that guy?” “How could someone so handsome be with an ugly girl like that.” “I don’t know what he/she sees in him/her?” “She’s so beautiful to be with him.” And more, but I will not bore you with them.

Seriously, the person is not some deranged, psycho lunatic. Not some woman/man abuser. Not some slime, two-timer. Does not carry on like he/she dropped from out of space or somewhere and has no inkling of any manners. Well I cannot be sure if aliens have manners or not, or that they even exist. Ah well, sorry Mulder.

But love does not come with a mandate of who you should fall in love with. It does not state that opposite cannot attract. It does not dictate, right?

To all a lovely weekend. ๐Ÿ™‚

Death and Truth

“To be near death makes us see the truth.” So wrote Victor Hugo in Les Miserables.

But is it true? Do we have to wait when we are close to dying before we see what reality is; the things that need to be done; need to be changed. Do we have to wait for death to be knocking before we change; before we act; before we admit the truth to whatever situation(s) called for it?

Do some of us wait until a person is dead to say how and what we really feel about them? Was telling him/her so difficult that the only best time was to wait when he/she would not be able to hear it?

Some missed out on love because saying the words, “I love you,” to the person that you were in love with from a distance was very hard to do. Even a special day set aside for lovers, Valentine’s Day, could not get you to admit your feelings.

Some missed out on friendships because actually becoming friends was too scary.

Some needed so badly to hear encouraging, uplifting words, truth, but some people held back. The dead cannot hear.


Only God Can Judge Me

Last year someone I know about was doing something wrong. That person was called out on it, and what was the response? “Only God can judge me.” That got me thinking; well a lot of things get me thinking. ๐Ÿ™‚

If we tell someone that he/she is doing something wrong, does it mean that we are judging them? But if we do not say anything, does it mean that we are condoning what they are doing?

I believe that using that line of the title of this post was and still is a cop out; a poor excuse for not wanting to hear the truth about what was being done wrong. Yes, wrong. When face with reality, suck it up and do not try to turn on the person and/or people who are trying to help; who are not being judgmental or wagging their fingers at you while saying, “Na, Na, Na, Boo, Boo.”

Only God can judge you, well ultimately, . . . he will.

Othello’s Mistrust

Do you trust the person you love?

“The Moor is of a free and open nature, That thinks men honest that but seem to be so, And will as tenderly be led by the nose as asses are.” Iago, Act I Scene III, Othello by William Shakespeare

Jealousy and anger led to hatred; hatred to unjust acts; unjust acts led to tragedy and suffering. And who got caught in all that were innocent people. Othello, a man brave in battle and flawed in being manipulated. Yes competent but lacking the discerning power to see through the lies of a man that was now pulling the strings; a man that led to him not trusting his wife, and in the end, killing her.

Shakespeare’s novelย  depicted a hero becoming a puppet all because of someone who was green-eyed. A sad tale of planting seeds of doubt and mistrust that turned a man’s love into hate, ruining him in the process.

That word trust, how powerful it is. We require it from others and expect it not to be tarnish. But how can you tell if someone can be trusted?

What cape?

Superman has one. Batman too. Others might not, but they still have super powers where they either go around doing good or doing bad.

For us in the real world, there is no such thing as a superhero cape, just the courage to do the right thing when it is call for no matter what the consequence(s) might be. It is not putting fear aside, nor doubt, nor quieting the voices around you telling you not to go through with it. It is not having a lot of muscles or brain power or the so-called “right connections”; all these things exist, but you rise above them, bypassing them. Why?

Because to do the right thing comes from within.

To everyone a lovely weekend. ๐Ÿ™‚

Fit This Way

Is it difficult or easy to exchange who you are and what you believe in to fit into a mold of what a group of people dictate and try to mandate who and what you should be?

Perhaps it is best to be sure of what and why you believe in certain things.

If you do not believe in gay rights, does that make you homophobic? You do not advocate bashing, beating, torturing or any vile thing, does that mean that you can still be label as being prejudice?

If you believe that abortion is wrong, does that make you an advocate against the rights of women?

If you believe that one should wait until sex before marriage, does that make you out to be someone who is out of touch with the real world?

Fitting in, hmm, by what standards should we follow to do just that?