What is wrong with it?

You seem to be inundated with ads about trying to stay young. Buy this, get that and do this. Date and marry someone younger. Party. Hang out with the younger generation. Push your body to the limit. All in the name of hiding the natural process of life. Why?

Why try shield that you are growing old, or older, or maturing, or aging, or moving on up or whatever you want to call it? Do grey hairs mean that death is on its way? Does it mean that living and having fun without trying to do things that you just cannot do has to stop? Oh my, that wrinkle means that they are probably going to ship you to another galaxy or something.  Ah well. 🙂

To all a lovely weekend. 🙂


One response to “What is wrong with it?

  1. i like aging at the right pace. though i used to mingle with small children a lot but not to shy away from aging process but relish their innocent beauty.

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