Fit This Way

Is it difficult or easy to exchange who you are and what you believe in to fit into a mold of what a group of people dictate and try to mandate who and what you should be?

Perhaps it is best to be sure of what and why you believe in certain things.

If you do not believe in gay rights, does that make you homophobic? You do not advocate bashing, beating, torturing or any vile thing, does that mean that you can still be label as being prejudice?

If you believe that abortion is wrong, does that make you an advocate against the rights of women?

If you believe that one should wait until sex before marriage, does that make you out to be someone who is out of touch with the real world?

Fitting in, hmm, by what standards should we follow to do just that?


2 responses to “Fit This Way

  1. i believe in having my own views and i may not scream them in loudspeaker in a group that is against them but i wont agree with them in my own firm way.

    that is, i wont tangle into an argument but i will stick to my own view and will firmly say that if its desperately needed or else i will just listen to them, i am very good at that and assess what they have to say.

  2. It’s said that we should have an open mind; we should, but that doesn’t mean that we should stop believing in what we believe.

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