Only God Can Judge Me

Last year someone I know about was doing something wrong. That person was called out on it, and what was the response? “Only God can judge me.” That got me thinking; well a lot of things get me thinking. 🙂

If we tell someone that he/she is doing something wrong, does it mean that we are judging them? But if we do not say anything, does it mean that we are condoning what they are doing?

I believe that using that line of the title of this post was and still is a cop out; a poor excuse for not wanting to hear the truth about what was being done wrong. Yes, wrong. When face with reality, suck it up and do not try to turn on the person and/or people who are trying to help; who are not being judgmental or wagging their fingers at you while saying, “Na, Na, Na, Boo, Boo.”

Only God can judge you, well ultimately, . . . he will.


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