Death and Truth

“To be near death makes us see the truth.” So wrote Victor Hugo in Les Miserables.

But is it true? Do we have to wait when we are close to dying before we see what reality is; the things that need to be done; need to be changed. Do we have to wait for death to be knocking before we change; before we act; before we admit the truth to whatever situation(s) called for it?

Do some of us wait until a person is dead to say how and what we really feel about them? Was telling him/her so difficult that the only best time was to wait when he/she would not be able to hear it?

Some missed out on love because saying the words, “I love you,” to the person that you were in love with from a distance was very hard to do. Even a special day set aside for lovers, Valentine’s Day, could not get you to admit your feelings.

Some missed out on friendships because actually becoming friends was too scary.

Some needed so badly to hear encouraging, uplifting words, truth, but some people held back. The dead cannot hear.



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