Not I, but you?

How do you stop someone from doing harm to his/her self?

In the check-out line the other day and what did I see on the cover of a magazine? These words, “She could have been saved?”

No, I did not pick up or read the magazine; nor will I mention the name of it, but what I did was start to think how? And then that led me to think about blame. If some people are doing stuff that can lead to deadly consequences and we try to help them out, we try to prevent that but fail, who should take responsibility?

We eventually make our choices even if we are swayed by others; even if we are under the threat of harm, right?


8 responses to “Not I, but you?

  1. I think it comes down to the choices that people make….their own free will put them in that place of danger. Some people surround themselves with those who will support their harmful activities. They don’t want people around them telling them this behavior or choice could harm or kill them. These people know better but for whatever reason choose another path. I’ve seen it time after time…it’s a choice…so be it.

    • I agree with your comment.

      Sadly to say this has been an argument in various criminal cases too. Blame this person or that person for the woman/man on trial for his/her action(s) that lead him/her to the court in the first place. Bad parenting and childhood. Bad friends. Poverty. Excuses or reasons?

  2. There has to come a time when you take responsibility for your own actions in spite of bad parenting, bad friends, poverty, etc. I understand a doctor being taken to trial for prescribing illegal drugs to someone…or too much of a drug which ultimately results in a death…such as in the case of Michael Jackson’s doctor. He had a choice to participate in those acts or not. After all, doctors take an oath to “do no harm”…and are supposed to heal, not hurt, to the best of their abilities. I’m supposing they still take that oath…

  3. Sadly to say the Hippocratic oath isn’t being practiced by some doctors. What it boils down to is money. I appreciate Doctors Without Borders, Samaritan Purse and other groups and individuals who offer aid and themselves in helping others.

    Both Mr. Jackson and Dr Murray had choices; they both probably thought that nothing bad was ever going to happen.

  4. when i see someone jumping in a fire pit i try to help, mostly i get singed but even then i will rather get singed then watch him get roasted.

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