Does miserable love company?

It is often said that misery loves company; well perhaps it wants companionship, a helping hand so it realizes that it is not alone. A good thing right; wanting to share in someone’s pain and trouble?

But what about a person who is miserable and wants to make your life miserable as well? He/she is not happy, and so, you must not be happy. What do you do? Ignore them? Try not to be around them as much as possible? Let them have a piece of your mind in hopes that they will leave you alone? Pray?


4 responses to “Does miserable love company?

  1. misery loves company- i used to think that this quote means miserable people like to make others miserable, so that he no longer feels the only one miserable.

    in my real life i have seen so many people of this category that i started to think that i got the quote right.

    now i will try to find people that make your explanatiion right.

  2. yes. i have seen a lot of people who are in misery, extreme pain but not miserable.

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