Something up the nose?

The reality is, that there will always be some people who think and actually believe that they are better than others. I am not talking self-esteem; I am talking about those that have their “high stations”, and “standing” on top of them, look down, nose turn up, at those at the so-called bottom.

Jesus hung around sinners. These four words are a blog post in themselves. He hung around them but did not become a sinner. He ate with them, and the Pharisees and scribes, who in my opinion had nothing better to do with their time, called him out on it. Luke 15 vs 1- 2

Of course he set them straight. Truth be told, he is better than all of us, but he did not have the “nerves” like some people to advertise discrimination. Just read about the Samaritan woman in John 4.

Some people need to get it in their heads, you ain’t better than anyone else. There still seems to be some Pharisees and scribes among us. But if they want to take the low road, please take the high one.

Hope everyone has a lovely, sunflower day. 🙂


3 responses to “Something up the nose?

  1. this is a very controversial topic. 🙂
    i will pass it on.
    i have some very strong arguments against it.

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