Taking it

Some people want to be loved so badly that they will take anything from those who “love” them. Some one comes along and picks them, the ugly duckling; the one no one wanted; the one who questioned what is wrong with him/her; the one who felt like a nobody because no one had ever told him/her the words, “I love you.”

Yeah, here comes his/her princess or prince charming; and what do they get? They get treated with disdain. They get verbal, and even possibly physical abuse, but they stay. He/she has become accustomed to it. He/she is being loved when he/she thought that would never have happened. They are being kissed. They are being cuddled, but at what price?

“I’m not gonna be, a fool for love, ’cause you know I rather be alone, than be unhappy.” from the song I’d Rather Be Alone by Karyn White

Hope everyone has a lovely, sunflower day. 🙂


7 responses to “Taking it

  1. its better to be alone then end up with a person who treats you like a dog- cuddle when feeling like, kicking when feeling like…

  2. I stumbled on your blog and so enjoy it. Love the title. Now I finally have time off to write and read. So many people to read and follow… I invite you to follow me too…http://theoneonlyjeanne.wordpress.com/

    I am a woman who write two!

    Happy writing!

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