And Two Breasts

In order for a woman to make a statement or to be noticed, does she have to expose her breasts or her body? Men do not have to do such things right? They do not have to wear anything creeping north, skimpy or see through to capture attention; then why should a female? Or perhaps is it a personal choice; a decision made for motives that might lead to advancements? Personal taste? Or perhaps it is a way of gaining equality and stating that you have it?

There are advocates for equality, but yet some of them run to botox, facelifts, anything to make them look younger and firm. They point out that even men are doing these things in perhaps to say that, “Look, it’s not only us.” Is it because they realized that women would only be judged by the way they look on the outside? Shallow. Is not having a voice good enough; is it enough for a man?

Does equality equal tactics?

“A man is defined by what he does, a woman by her sexuality, that is, in terms of one particular aspect of her relationship to men.” Unknown

Started a new book, The Portrait of a Lady by Henry James. The first chapter said to me that it was not going to be good. But you know my take on first impressions, and so I read on. Chapter ten and the book was still not good.

So presently reading Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf

Have a lovely, sunflower day. đŸ™‚


2 responses to “And Two Breasts

  1. No equality does not equal tactics…that’s not equality. Equality stands on merit..equally. This pressure to look a certain way works on men too..although, of course, not in the breast department. I’ve noticed when I’ve watched, for instance, American Idol…the young men as well as the women will be transformed as the competition moves forward. The finalists (both men and women) will get new hairdos, makeup, clothing choices and glasses will sometimes disappear in favor of contacts. They’re made over to have a certain more appealing look. Let’s face it…we’re a shallow society..

  2. Entertainers are judged on appearances. That’s a lot of pressure, but they have and made choices.

    It appears that in order to be heard or “seen” you have to dress and sometimes act a certain way. Yeah, it happens to men as well, but females are way out there in that department.

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