Can I get a . . .

I want to thank everyone for coming this morning. I’ve been speaking out against all kinds of vices, such as greed; oh Lord let them fill those collection plates; I need to get some more expensive suits; and adultery; sweet Jesus, please don’t let anyone know that I’m having an affair.

This book, the Bible, which I go against from time to time, is the authoritative word of God. I speak truth; well not all of it, I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, from this pulpit. I give honor to God, and some politicians, celebrities, the high class, etc., and to no man or woman.

He loves all people. Don’t mind other folks, like those who faithfully follow his word and are trying to do the right things; you just trust him, and he’ll make you rich. What’s up with the po’ folks? Expect only good things from him; I know that’s not in the Bible, but shh. Can I get a amen? This is your pastor, preacher and teacher, gosh I hope I’m loking fly. Now let’s pray. I believe in him; don’t mind me denying him with my lifestyle; and I love him. Hallelujah. Did they get that?

7 responses to “Can I get a . . .

  1. following any religious scripture in daily life is quite impossible. i never even try to follow 1/10th 🙂

  2. your blog acts really bizarre time to time. it doesnot accepts comments.

  3. your blog accepts really funny from time to time. it has again stopped accepting comments.

  4. so i will have to start using idiotic email ids to post a comment on your blog. please dont confuse yourself the email id is a figment of furious mind.

    following religious scriptures is herculean task- never even try it.

  5. Shrugging shoulders to why the blog goes all awry sometimes. Don’t know.

    The Bible is my blueprint for living. Not always living up to it; that’s when good reminders in various fashions are in order.

  6. i deleted my game apps today. figured that i have to cut wasting time. is it possible to follow God with that? abrupt change?

    • Change happens in many different ways. Balance takes the form in many different ways as well. What works for you might not work for another person. What you see as wasting time might not be for another person. It depends.

      Change can happen like a blink of an eye, but then again, it might not.

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