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Something up the nose?

The reality is, that there will always be some people who think and actually believe that they are better than others. I am not talking self-esteem; I am talking about those that have their “high stations”, and “standing” on top of them, look down, nose turn up, at those at the so-called bottom.

Jesus hung around sinners. These four words are a blog post in themselves. He hung around them but did not become a sinner. He ate with them, and the Pharisees and scribes, who in my opinion had nothing better to do with their time, called him out on it. Luke 15 vs 1- 2

Of course he set them straight. Truth be told, he is better than all of us, but he did not have the “nerves” like some people to advertise discrimination. Just read about the Samaritan woman in John 4.

Some people need to get it in their heads, you ain’t better than anyone else. There still seems to be some Pharisees and scribes among us. But if they want to take the low road, please take the high one.

Hope everyone has a lovely, sunflower day. 🙂

Gilbert Markham’s Second Impression

Have you ever made up your mind about someone just by the first meeting, but then changed how you felt about that person after getting to know him/her?

“I would rather admire you from this distance, fair lady, than be the partner of your home.”  from chapter 1, The Tenant of Wildfell Hall by Anne Bronte.

I do not believe in first impressions; they can be misleading, as in the case with Gilbert Markham. It was he that wrote that line above after seeing for the first time and then describing Helen Huntingdon. He would later fall in love with her.

Can I dare say that he was moody? Yes he was. Was he jealous? Yes he was, so jealous that he struck another man who he believed was his rival in love. Did he lost his belief in her as he started to believe the rumors and gossip? Yes he did. Did he eventually “come to his senses” after maturing in his thinking and in his love? He sure did.

Miss Bronte’s book, which I enjoyed, captured a few things. Secrecy that led to rumors and the attempted sullying of a woman driven to hide who she was because of a bad, distasteful marriage; people had strong opinions but it did not mean that you had to be influenced by them;  and everything was not as it seemed were just a few of those things.

I guess a dose of discernment, knowledge, common sense and whatever else sure does help when getting to know someone.

Hope everyone had a lovely, sunflower weekend. 🙂

Presently reading The Diary of a Nobody by George and Weedon Grossmith


Facts vs Truth

Girl A promotes abstinence but loses her virginity. Girl B, who does not like her, spreads that piece of information. That was a fact, but girl B also knows another piece of info. Girl A was raped, thus the reason for not being a virgin anymore.

Boy A likes to borrow money from people. Boy B, who is his friend, tells another person this who asks him about it. He acknowledges that it is a fact. The person decides not to lend Boy A the money. Boy B knows that Boy A always pays the money back, but he withholds this piece of info.

Two sets of facts, and two sets of truths. Sometimes some people have and know the facts, but not the truth. When this important element of a story is hidden, skewed, played down, agendas, lies, propaganda, intents and/or whatever you want to label it, is promoted.

We get it from governments, the news, have you seen some of the headlines, various entertainment outlets, family, friends, lovers, enemies, religious figures, the authorities, and yes, perhaps you and me. We have to make the conscience effort to have and know the facts, and then, not to retain the truth, should not we?

But what if there is a really, really good reason, not excuse, for wanting to keep the truth? Is there ever a good time to do so?

Does miserable love company?

It is often said that misery loves company; well perhaps it wants companionship, a helping hand so it realizes that it is not alone. A good thing right; wanting to share in someone’s pain and trouble?

But what about a person who is miserable and wants to make your life miserable as well? He/she is not happy, and so, you must not be happy. What do you do? Ignore them? Try not to be around them as much as possible? Let them have a piece of your mind in hopes that they will leave you alone? Pray?