It is Your Skin Color

It is 2012, yippee! Happy New Year. Just kidding, but it is 2012 and, there is still judgment of people base on their skin colors instead by the content of their characters. Ah racism, always around like some form of sick joke. Not only a black and white issue.

I began to think about it this way as well. There are some people out there who would stick up for another person who is of the same race/color just because he/she too is of that race/color. That person has done something wrong, said something stupid against someone of another race, but you as a person feel that you must and have to stand up in unity. What the heck for? Wrong is wrong no matter the color right? Unfair is unfair no matter the pigmentation. Then why do some who say that they are not racist cannot see pass a color when something bad happens?


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