Money’s Worth

How does one go about deciding how much someone will get pay for a job that he/she is doing? What does it mean that someone is overpaid? How can you tell?

An actor, say George Clooney, because he is the first to come to mind. According to IMDB, he got a buck for Good Night, and Good Luck. Ocean’s Eleven, $20 million.

Tiger Woods, $75 million over 12 months, and not just from playing golf.

Highest paid musicians.

I started with the above mentioned group of people because I am still trying to understand what makes entertainment more valuable than say, a job as a firefighter, police officer, teacher etc. Would life be in danger if there were no teachers, firefighters or police officers? Would the world stop if an actor stops acting; or a musician stop singing; or an athlete stop competing? Would the world end if they stop endorsing products?

What is the money value of a job?

Have a lovely, sunflower day. šŸ™‚




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