Does love cost anything?


7 responses to “Cost?

  1. No love doesn’t cost anything but what people consider love (but is not) can indeed be quite costly.

  2. My ex-husband used that word a lot..sacrifice, as in “Look how much I’ve sacrificed for this family!” To me, love doesn’t “sacrifice”, it “gives”..with no thought of what it gets in return…or the “cost”.

    • Agree with you.

      Your comment reminded me of the Betty Broderick movie I watched. She said that she had “sacrificed” so much for her husband, and what did he do? He left her. That sent her over the edge. I think the movie was, “A Woman Scorned”.

      Some people believe that there should be some form of payback for the things that they had to do or are doing all in the name of love.

      Hmm, mutual I guess.

  3. I saw that movie about Betty Broderick years ago and followed her story in the news when she killed her husband and his new wife. She was totally bonkers. Love doesn’t ask to be “reimbursed!”

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