Daily Archives: July 2, 2012

No ball here

Last week I received some not so good news, and then I thought to myself, If  I had had a crystal ball, would I have been more prepared with my reactions? Then it hit me, I do not believe in crystal balls and, my reactions never changed. I was who I normally is.

But before that not so good news came, I had read this during my daily Bible study. Psalm 105, particularly verses 17- 21. It spoke about Joseph and how God allowed those things that happened to him to take place in order to prepare his people for what was to take place later on.

We do not know the future. We might have ideas or desires on how we want it to turn out, but we have no control over it. Is that a good thing?

God does not own a crystal ball, and he sees and knows everything. It is for you and I to make a decision to trust him in spite of . . .


Have  a lovely, sunflower day. 🙂