Late For The Movies 1967

“They call me Mr. Tibbs!”

Anyone who watched this movie, In The Heat Of The Night, would perhaps remember that line. One of my all time favorite movies. 🙂 This movie is about race, but more importantly, judgment pass on to someone because of it.

Sidney Poitier stars as Det. Virgil Tibbs, and Rod Steiger as Police Chief Bill Gillespie. A murder happened, and who did they blame for it? Mr. Tibbs. Why? Well he was “colored” and so, he had to have killed a rich white man. But do not only take that from the movie. It  was more than that. It dealt with reactions of both men not only to each other but to those around them. It showed how a person can overcome certain things and do what he was being paid to do. It depicted how someone swallowing his pride accepted the help being offered from someone he should not have had any dealings with.

You and I are being judged all the time, not necessarily on our skin color but because of other things? How do you deal with it when others not really knowing you want to judge you?

Racism will always be around, do not stoop to the level and join it. Never let your skin color be the only definition of who you are; you are much more than a pigmentation. And never use it as a pity me tool.

Have a lovely, sunflower day. 🙂


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