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Late For The Movies 2004

Not only a poignant movie but also a romantic one too. Le Silence de la Mer, translated The Silence of the Sea, is a french movie starring Julie Delarme as Jeanne Larosiere, and Thomas Jouannet as Werner Von Ebrennac, that tells the story of a German occupied France and the locals reaction to them.

Mr. Ebrennac, a German soldier is not welcome in the house that was confiscated for him to stay while in the country. Jeanne and her grandfather, to show their displeasure with his presence, do not talk with or to him; not until the end of the movie. Which in my opinion was too late. Why?

Sometimes some people do not turn out the way we thought or expect them to be. That was the case here. He was not a savage; neither was he cruel, cold or showed any inkling of being the better one, being better than anyone else. Blinded at first for the reason for his country’s occupation, but later coming to the realization and the truth, he set off to the frontlines where it was strongly assumed that he would be killed. So where did the love come in?

After seeing and getting to know who he was, she loved him but did not tell him. There were two kinds of silence in this movie; one of love and the other of hate. But for the both of them, it proved that sometimes silence is the loudest voice. I really loved this movie. No happy ending though. 😦 Such is life sometimes.

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