Daily Archives: September 15, 2012

Ben Barnes, you are too old

Was reading some comments from a site I visited, and a female commented that she did not like the actor Ben Barnes no more because he was too old. So off I went to find how out how old he was. 31. The guy’s over the hill. Stop the world and kick him off. 🙂

What is too old in today’s society? How old should you be to still look good and, feel good about yourself? Please do not take the Hollywood route and answer that question; they have been doing a terrible job at it for so long.

So wanted to watch a movie with the above mentioned actor. Hmm, what should I watch? Could not go for the over-glossed Prince Caspian. Not interested in Locked In or Easy Virtue. Saw those trailers and they did nothing for me. Dorian Gray, ditto. So what? I like Bono, sometimes, so I went with Killing Bono. The movie. It lasted for about five minutes.

No, he is not over the hill, but as for acting, hmm . . .