After the emotionalism

what happens?

“And I promise you never  . . . Will you hurt anymore.” A line from the song, This I Promise You, by *NSYNC

How can a person promise something like that? Sometimes we get so caught up in emotions and not reality. It sounds good but is it real or true? This goes for so many things in life, not just love.

Have a moon morning and a starry night. 🙂

Have a lovely, sunflower day. 🙂

Somewhere around the world someone is having a birthday.  Happy Birthday 🙂


4 responses to “After the emotionalism

  1. This post reminds me of a happily married young couple we knew who were expecting twins. Tra-la-la! But something was wrong; the heart of the one twin was taking all the blood and the smaller twin was starved of oxygen and nutrients. Doctors left the babies until they just had to do a caesarean or both would be lost. The smaller girl was a pound when born; the other was two pounds. The one died a few hours after birth and the other the next day. This wife had had a couple of miscarriages before this and a few after. She ached for the babies she never could have.

    No, it’s not reality to think “I’m going to fix everything for you.” How can anyone promise “You’ll never hurt anymore just because I love you”? We can’t look into the future.

  2. Thanks for dropping by and commenting. 🙂

    A promise no one can keep should never be made.

    We yearn sometimes and remain incomplete and unfulfilled. The future God knows. How is she?

  3. They never did have children naturally, but he had some connections to Belize so they went down there and were able to adopt a baby–but then another came up for adoption while they were there, so they ended up bringing two home, a boy and a girl. This couple, with their two little ones, are missionaries in Cameroon right now; they found their happy ending, but not from circumstances.

  4. I’m happy for them. 🙂

    Circumstances will always follow or meet us, sometimes lead us.

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