Me, never!

Man A : “If anything should happen, I’ll never turn away. I have your back.”

Man B: “No, you won’t.”

Man A: “Of course I’ll have it. Trust me. You’ll not be abandoned, not by me anyway.”

Man B: “Before the cock crows, you would deny me three times.”

Man A was Peter. Man B, Jesus. My bible study on Monday from Matthew 26. The final verses of that chapter has him doing the same thing that he said that he was not going to do.

And then I thought, how many of us promise not to do things but end up doing them anyway? We say that we will be there for others, we will do this or that but somewhere along the way it does not happen.

Like Jesus forgave Peter for what he did, will we be able to do the same if someone does the same to us?

“Either we conform our desires to the truth or we conform the truth to our desires.” Os Guinness 🙂


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