What Are In Your Days?

There is a verse in Psalm 90 written by Moses that says, “So teach us to number our days that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.” It is verse 12.  Not wanting to take it out of context, the point of it was concerning God’s anger.

But as I sat for a moment thinking about it, I thought about the things that we do in our lives. Some may consider them mundane while others consider them something else.

A person looking at birds may not be cool while a person skydiving may be. A person who enjoys things of quiet or silence may be called a starched-shirt, while a person who is active and likes movement and noise may be considered something else. Or it can be vice versa.

The point is are you doing the things that you enjoy? Do they make you happy? Are you fulfilled? Are they worth something to you? Do they add worth? Would God be pleased? So many other questions.

“Your personality should be an external expression of your character.” Tim LaHaye from Understanding the Male Temperament 🙂

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