Daylight of the Mind

I was thinking about calling this post sinking, swimming, or floating life, but I changed my mind. Why? Daylight just seems appropriate for what I want to say.

There are times, moments in our lives where things are not going right. During times like these we may not see any reason or reasons to smile. Our eyes may see the positive, our ears may hear the reassurances, but our minds are stuck in the negative. It is dark.

I am a person that has been through a lot and even though I try to keep it morning in my mind, somehow night creeps in. But, yes but, I refuse to let it stay that way for a long time. Why? Once I become miserably comfortable, I am not going to feel any better.

Yes, find out the cause of your pain. Yes, face your pain. Yes, feel your pain, Yes, live your pain. Yes, go through your pain. Yes, deal with your pain. But for crying out loud, do not fall in love with it.

We will go through it differently, but try not to stay in the darkness.

“We live in an age of freedom, independence, and the self, and I imagine this loneliness is the price we have to pay for it.” from the novel Kokoro by Natsume Soseki 🙂


One response to “Daylight of the Mind

  1. I have worked hard on this. It still gets a bit dark for me, but not pitched black – more like grayish. i have learned that we do go through our dark times in our own ways and at our own pace. Some people that I know just do not understand this and feel that it is as simple as turning on a light bulb – voila! happy person. I manage to climb out, but i have decided to do it the best i can and not to feel pressured by what others may think of me. great post:) xx

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