Daily Archives: July 17, 2013

Addicted To You

When you entered, I thought you helped me cope,

All the while it was an imaginary escape, a false hope.


Wanting you to a point of need,

My desires, my cravings, I had to feed.


My darling, my pleasure, my pain, why do some let you go after they find out what you can do?

But me, the poison you are, it seemed that I was stuck with you.


You took me high and then I became low,

And even then, I could not let you go.


Lessons from others I did not learn,

And where am I now, what did I earn?


I too am asleep; I am no longer here,

As for you, you have moved on–you are everywhere.


River Phoenix                                                          Chris Farley

John Belushi                                                            Whitney Houston

Chet Baker                                                                Janis Joplin

Jean – Michel Basquiat                                           Len Bias

Count Gottfried von Bismarck                              Patrick Bissell

Christopher Bowman                                              Ken Caminiti

Gia Carangi                                                               Paul Demayo

Adam Goldstein                                                       Clinton Haines

Domino Harvey                                                        Paul Hayward

Cory Monteith

                          “I’m gonna wake up, yes and no . . .

                           I guess I’ll die another day. I guess I’ll die another day. I guess I’ll                            die another day. I guess I’ll die another day.” from Die Another                             Day by Madonna

Oh life.

Love you. Take care. 🙂