Monthly Archives: January 2015

God’s Thoughts, Our Ways – Read Between The Lines

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord.” Isaiah 55 vs 8

A Writer’s Delete – Read Between The Lines

“Even the best writer has to delete.” Spanish proverb

Take That Truth – Read Between The Lines

Some people abuse the truth.

Revelation – Read Between The Lines

“I’m never good at picking out a Father’s Day card for my dad,” Tim said to his wife as he browsed through the assortment of cards that were for sale.

“Get one for you too,” she said, patting her flat belly and smiling as she walked away.

He immediately looked up.

Writers’ Coal Mining – Read Between The Lines

“Writing is torture. It is very hard work. It’s not coal mining, but it’s work.” Fran Lebowitz

One Being – Read Between The Lines

The sun was like the heat from a toaster as they stood on the food poverty line. “That’s what the people around here call it,” Jane said. But the person that was directed to could care less. Food was the only thing that would get a response.

Hecklers slithered pass like snakes on the attack. She knew one of them, and their eyes connected.

Dropping an Oreo cookie on the ground, the person crushed it, suggesting to her that the feeling for the two colors that created her was still strong.

Expensive Glass – Read Between The Lines

“Some people don’t appreciate its worth,” Ethel said to herself as she held up a Swarovski crystal. “It’s so fragile; that’s why it needs to be loved more.”

“Mom, are you talking to me?” her teenage son asked.

She gave him a hug and said, “Glass.”