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Be Angry

Then what?

Control it.

Life Matters. Oh yeah. 🙂


Stupid Fear of Anger

can sometimes lead to some senseless acts.

[Photo: Japanese American Exclusion Order – Chiewatc]

[Photo: Auschwitz2 – ljanderson977]

[Photo: Indian houses and farms on the Laguna Indian Reservation, Laguna, New Mexico]

And many others all around the world.

And now this :-

From a father, Joshua Wooden, to a son, John Wooden, upon his graduation from Grammar School.

Be True To Yourself

Make Each Day Your Masterpiece

Help Others

Drink Deeply From Good Books, Especially The Bible

Make Friendship A Fine Art

Build A Shelter Against A Rainy Day

Pray For Guidance and Give Thanks For Your Blessings Every Day. 🙂

Was that what you wanted to say?

How many times have you or I been angry, and in those moment of anger said things that we wished we had not? Or perhaps in those moments, we saw opportunities to finally say what we had on our chests for ages.

Why do we wait sometimes when we are having an argument or grasp on to the final straw to let others know about the things that they are doing that upset us? Are we afraid that the relationship(s) will become tainted?

We learn that keeping things on our chests and dwelling in anger will only make matters worse. We also learn that discretion is also a good thing. Can both be right? I am a direct person, but I also know when to bite my tongue.

Coming out

Does how you really feel about another person come out during an argument, when you’re angry and frustrated at something minute that they have done?

I remember growing up, and whenever my neighbors argued, the way they felt, what they wanted to say, came out in angry tones and spit-filled emotions. They were real.

Reminds me sometimes of a drunk who lets out how he/she feels, the thing, good or bad, that has been on his/her chest for so long that they were afraid to say, is being said.

What does it take to tell someone how you really feel about them?

Length of Anger

I remember sitting down listening to a speaker a few years ago, and out of all that he spoke about, there was one thing I remember. He said, “The only person that can make you angry is yourself.”

As I sat there I thought that this man was crazy and yada, yada, yada. Fast forward years later and I am believing that he was right. We become angry because we choose to.

There are things to get angry about, and then, things not to get angry about. I guess what things will depend on the person.

And what also depend on us is how long we will stay mad. It seems that the longer we are angry at someone, the easier it is to stay that way.

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