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One thing led to another

Last week it was so hot that I had an urge to go sleep on top of the roof, but I thought about when I rolled over, yeah, ouch. 🙂 That would have been me landing on the ground.

Then I thought about how hot the sun is and how I cannot change that fact.

That led me to think about change and how do we know what to change in our lives and in the world, and when is it time to carry out those changes?

Then I listened to a song, Gangstas’ Paradise by Coolio (I also thought about the movie, Dangerous Minds) and that led me to ask whether change begins with a mindset?

Then that led me to asking why, why do we have to change or want to make changes in the world, and then who, who do we change for, ourselves or other people?


The same?

From the day you started to blog up to now, are you the same person? Have you learned, experienced, grown, or think differently?

I’ve read a lot of blogs, some I remember and others I forgot about. Some where people wrote about break-ups, wanting to accomplish this or that, looking for something, trying to overcome something in their lives, wanting to express themselves the way they can because of fear of doing it in person, etc.

There were and are so many reasons. From your first blog, the one you started of with, have you changed? Do you remember what your first post was?