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One Being – Read Between The Lines

The sun was like the heat from a toaster as they stood on the food poverty line. “That’s what the people around here call it,” Jane said. But the person that was directed to could care less. Food was the only thing that would get a response.

Hecklers slithered pass like snakes on the attack. She knew one of them, and their eyes connected.

Dropping an Oreo cookie on the ground, the person crushed it, suggesting to her that the feeling for the two colors that created her was still strong.


Summer in winter

I saw a tree. It was not dead without its leaves or the rich colors of its greens and browns; it was “away” for awhile because of the temperature. This tree is in a cold place, but come spring and summer, its colors will return. The brightness and the fullness of its leaves will awaken.

And then I thought about some people. Those that have summer(s) in their winter(s) no matter what is going on around them. No matter how tough and dismal things might appear, they find that there is still beauty. There is you know. 🙂