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Death leads to . . .

Three things.

On Sunday, Indy race car driver Dan Wheldon, died. I loved watching those races. And although I never knew him personally, I had watched him race ever since my interest in Indy began. So it was a shock when I saw the news, the crash. And it got me thinking, the death of life leads to . . . People react differently, I know, but but where does it take us?

I am presently reading Les Miserables, by Victor Hugo, and this line got my attention: “Jean Valjean entered the galleys sobbing and shuddering; he went out hardened; he entered in despair: he went out sullen.” The death of freedom leads to . . .  Does the circumstance in which freedom is taken away incite what our reaction(s) will be?

My bible study this morning from 1 Corinthians 12, dealt with spiritual gifts. The main point being that we are all different but one. The death of unity leads to . . . Yes there are differences, but if we are not on the “same page” what “confusion” will there be?