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Watering Your Fears

only make them grow.

Have a happy summer. 🙂

Love you. Take care. 🙂


Recipe For Defeating Yourself

1 cup of worthlessness                  2 cups of negativity

1 cup of low self-esteem               1 cup of bitterness

1 cup of doubt                                 1 cup of fear

1/4 tsp of fortitude                         1/4 tsp of perserverance

and a whole lot of “poisonous” ifs

Mix well. Cooking times vary. Bon appetit

But if you are not interested in this recipe, toss this foolishness out and go with one for not defeating yourself. 🙂

“Life is a dance, a movement of rhythms, directions, stumbles, missteps, at times slow and precise, or fast and wild and joyous.” from The Dance by Thelda Bevens 🙂

Stupid Fear of Anger

can sometimes lead to some senseless acts.

[Photo: Japanese American Exclusion Order – Chiewatc]

[Photo: Auschwitz2 – ljanderson977]

[Photo: Indian houses and farms on the Laguna Indian Reservation, Laguna, New Mexico]

And many others all around the world.

And now this :-

From a father, Joshua Wooden, to a son, John Wooden, upon his graduation from Grammar School.

Be True To Yourself

Make Each Day Your Masterpiece

Help Others

Drink Deeply From Good Books, Especially The Bible

Make Friendship A Fine Art

Build A Shelter Against A Rainy Day

Pray For Guidance and Give Thanks For Your Blessings Every Day. 🙂

Live it by fear

A cult leader informs his followers that there is an end and that it is near. They must be ready to face destruction and they have to do certain things in order to be ready. Be ready for Judgement Day.

A news report, documentary, an in depth look at something dangerous lurking; something that can harm us. All doom and gloom of not if but when such a thing will happen makes its way into our psyche as we listen, as we read, as we watch–waiting.

There will be no more food in a short period of time. No more clean water. No more trees. Basically no more planet earth.

There will be no where for children to play. No place for people to live, so action must be taken NOW! I will stop there, stop listing.

Fear. Why is it that some people take it upon themselves to stretch the truth in order to get our attention? Why is it that they want and expect us to live our lives by fear? That we must walk around constantly holding our breaths hoping that what they predict will happen does not. Everyday it is one thing after another as they awaken the paranoia of some. As they increase the fear of some people.

You have to pull the truth from out the lies, from out the fear. You have to pull away the emotions and look at facts. Yes there is a Judgment Day, but is arming yourself with weapons the way to be ready for it? Yes, there is a shortage of food and water, but to what extent? Is it as bad as it is painted? If we do not go totally green, will there still be an earth? If we do not believe in God, does that mean he does not love you or I?

Do not deny the reality of how something bad may be; but also do not add to it with fear mongering.

Have a lovely, sunflower day. 🙂

What cape?

Superman has one. Batman too. Others might not, but they still have super powers where they either go around doing good or doing bad.

For us in the real world, there is no such thing as a superhero cape, just the courage to do the right thing when it is call for no matter what the consequence(s) might be. It is not putting fear aside, nor doubt, nor quieting the voices around you telling you not to go through with it. It is not having a lot of muscles or brain power or the so-called “right connections”; all these things exist, but you rise above them, bypassing them. Why?

Because to do the right thing comes from within.

To everyone a lovely weekend. 🙂

Take the backseat

I love watching old movies, and last month I watched a movie with Bob Hope called My Favorite Burnette. He played a photographer wanting to be a detective, and when the chance came to “be” one, he took it, carrying his fear along with him.

But sometimes that is just it, courage does not mean the absence of fear, it means that fear takes a backseat in what we know needs to be done.

And about that movie, it was a laugh riot. 🙂

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