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Can You Master Yourself?

D. L. Moody once said that he had never met someone that gave him trouble as himself. That led me to think about self-discipline, which led me to think about mastering ourselves.

We constantly are making choices in our lives, some that will last with us for awhile and others, well others that will just float on by. But sometimes, are we strong enough to make the right ones? Those that are and will be good for us? Have we reached a point where we can master our feelings and actions? Or if we cannot master our feelings, then take control of our actions?

Last part of this blog block later. 🙂

“It takes commitment to win. If you’re not committed you won’t be able to put up with the aggravation. You’ll get to the point where it’s just too much hassle and frustration and you’d rather be doing something else.” Dennis Conner 🙂



It is the grown-ups

Let your child go genderless. Avoid telling them about losing. Take away their playing time because you do not want them to get hurt. If they get a question wrong, do not tell them because you do not want to hurt their feelings. Let them know that they did a great job.

You know why society is all screwed up; take a look at some of the grown-ups. Those things mentioned above were just some of the stuff I have been reading about in the news. Google and find out for yourself.

I am not going to demand how you should raise your child; being a parent, mother and father, is a very tough job. But trying to put your child/children in a bubble/bubbles because of some screwy idea, some modern hocus-pocus, is just not right. And even if not parents but guardians, it is still not right.

When did it become wrong to let them know that the answer to the question asked was not correct? When did it become wrong to let them know that they are either a boy or a girl? When did it become wrong to let them compete and lose? When did it become wrong to not give them everything they want?

You know, some grown-ups need to learn from some children.

Have a lovely, sunflower day. 🙂