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Ignored Talent – Read Between The Lines

Is the only role a Native American/American Indian actor can play is a Native American/American Indian?


Femalism – Read Between The Lines

“I’m on the side of you feminists,” John said.

“Good, finally you came around,” Melissa told him.

“Yeah, I’m all for anything that has you females showing more and wearing less.”

“You’re such a pig.”

“And tighter clothes.”

“You know what’s wrong with the world?”


“Men who are pigs like you.”

“You guys.”

“Excuse me?”

“You gals? Females? Women? You say that you want to be equal to us and then turn around and try to imitate or to be like us. What’s the prize for trying to one up a man? And then you push it with the shock value, trying to get more attention?”

“Don’t be general in your labels. Feminism isn’t about imitating the actions of men,” Sarah said, entering the conversation.

“Yeah,” Melissa said, “it’s about becoming more than that.”

Sarah shook her head at the both of them and turned on the TV.

“I love this show,” John said, turning his attention to what was on the TV. “Hollywood got it right.”

Mr and Mrs/Ms/Ms Hollywood (not generally)

Do celebrities have a right to entitlement?

Hysterics happily humanly haranguing here,

Yes, yo-yo yodeling yarns yearly.

Practicing pompous puppets perpetrating preachings

Of obediently obliging obnoxious outlandish

Careless calculating characteristics; cameraly centered;

Reaching races readily reacting reverently.

Idolizing, imitating image illusionists idiosyncrasies

Through today, tomorrow, throughout time.

Evermore entertainers entertaining eager earthlings.

Sign say so superficial singing screen stars.