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Money’s Worth – Read Between The Lines

She stood on the checkout line as she flipped through a magazine that she was going to buy. She stopped on a photo of her favorite singer. She had recently paid $300 to go to his concert. Now she was hoping to go to another one next month.

I have to get me a new outfit, she thought. And a new pair of shoes. She got her groceries and began to head toward the exit when she was stopped by her next door neighbor.

“I just wanted to remind you about the donation that you promised to give to the homeless shelter.”

“I’m sorry,” she said, “I really don’t have the money.”

“That’s okay. Maybe next time.”

She left and headed to her car. I definitely have to get some new earrings, she thought as she got in and drove off to do just that.

Death Awakens Life – Read Between The Lines

He was a person who spoke his mind, but he still tried to fit in. And he felt boxed in, suffocating beneath the pillow of the in crowd.

So one cold winter day he walked out onto the frozen lake and just stood there as he questioned his existence. There was a slight crackle and then a tremor. He went under. He could feel the blood in his veins turning to ice as his breath slowly slipped away.

So this was how it felt to die, he thought, but how did it feel to live. “I don’t wanna die,” he said, trying to fight his way to the top.

Too late.

He died.

But his dream ended.

And life came out of its sleep.

Femalism – Read Between The Lines

“I’m on the side of you feminists,” John said.

“Good, finally you came around,” Melissa told him.

“Yeah, I’m all for anything that has you females showing more and wearing less.”

“You’re such a pig.”

“And tighter clothes.”

“You know what’s wrong with the world?”


“Men who are pigs like you.”

“You guys.”

“Excuse me?”

“You gals? Females? Women? You say that you want to be equal to us and then turn around and try to imitate or to be like us. What’s the prize for trying to one up a man? And then you push it with the shock value, trying to get more attention?”

“Don’t be general in your labels. Feminism isn’t about imitating the actions of men,” Sarah said, entering the conversation.

“Yeah,” Melissa said, “it’s about becoming more than that.”

Sarah shook her head at the both of them and turned on the TV.

“I love this show,” John said, turning his attention to what was on the TV. “Hollywood got it right.”

Revelation – Read Between The Lines

“I’m never good at picking out a Father’s Day card for my dad,” Tim said to his wife as he browsed through the assortment of cards that were for sale.

“Get one for you too,” she said, patting her flat belly and smiling as she walked away.

He immediately looked up.

Writers’ Coal Mining – Read Between The Lines

“Writing is torture. It is very hard work. It’s not coal mining, but it’s work.” Fran Lebowitz

One Being – Read Between The Lines

The sun was like the heat from a toaster as they stood on the food poverty line. “That’s what the people around here call it,” Jane said. But the person that was directed to could care less. Food was the only thing that would get a response.

Hecklers slithered pass like snakes on the attack. She knew one of them, and their eyes connected.

Dropping an Oreo cookie on the ground, the person crushed it, suggesting to her that the feeling for the two colors that created her was still strong.

Expensive Glass – Read Between The Lines

“Some people don’t appreciate its worth,” Ethel said to herself as she held up a Swarovski crystal. “It’s so fragile; that’s why it needs to be loved more.”

“Mom, are you talking to me?” her teenage son asked.

She gave him a hug and said, “Glass.”